Teaching The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs We are passionate about entrepreneurship. We are equally passionate about teaching the next generation to have God's perspective on work, and love it for what it is.

Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world...

Successful entrepreneurs look at the world through a lens of opportunity. We want to train the next generation to think entrepreneurially from a young age. Thinking outside of the box, looking for solutions where others see dead-ends and creating new opportunities are just a few of the things needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Let us help pass this mindset on to your children and teens!

A strong work ethic originates from God...

God created work before the Fall. It is a good thing and is meant to provide fulfillment and as a means to glorify the Lord. So why do so many young people have a goal of avoiding work at all costs? Having a Biblical view of work is crucial for young people so they grow up to love hard work and the satisfaction that accompanies labor.  We have a passion to instill God’s perspective on work to the next generation!

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What to Expect From the Course

Video Lessons

Learn from 36 engaging video lectures covering many different topics in entrepreneurship.


Participate with other entrepreneurs and get honest feedback and tips for our own business ideas!

Business Pitch Competition

Pitch your own idea! Learn to write a compelling exec summary and do a 3 min video pitch. 1st place winner gets $250, 2nd $100, 3rd $50!

Business Ideas List

Access to a list of 40 (and growing) business ideas homeschoolers can start right now. See the first 10!


Weekly assignments that help students interact with key topics and make personal applications. Hands-on & fun.

 Credits for Homeschooling (0.5 – 1)

25+ hours of lecture videos & hands-on homework & projects (45 hours) gives 1/2 credit. Advanced homework/projects adds 54 more hours (1 full credit).

LIVE Business Startup Coaching Calls
**NEW for 20203!!**

Does your child want to start their own business? Help them succeed!

Get personal one-on-one coaching from a successful entrepreneur.
Mark Baker will be offering weekly coaching calls with students via Zoom to help them:

  • Come up with a business idea that fits them
  • Develop the business idea
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Launch the business!
Students can participate in 1, 2 or 4 business coaching calls per week. Each call is 2 hours long and includes 6 student entrepreneurs. Each student will send a list of questions they'd like to discuss prior to the call to the coach. During the call 20 minutes will be dedicated to one-on-one coaching with each student to work on their business idea and answer their specific questions. Outside of calls, the students will have access to the coach in the forum to ask for help/input on their business.
Sound interesting? Sign up for the program and then look for the add-on options for business coaching calls.

Who We Are Get to know us and our qualifications a bit...

Billy Smith

Billy Smith Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

I’m always dreaming & creating. I’ve experienced failures that I’ve learned from & successes that I’m humbled by. I’m a Christian husband of one I don’t deserve and father of six that I aspire to be worthy of. Improvise, Adapt & Overcome!

Billy’s Experience

  • Co-Founder of SnapGig.com
  • Co-Founder of BackerClub (built & sold for $750K after 4 years).
  • Successfully built and sold 20+ businesses (each for $100K or more).
  • Former Vice President of Sales at multiple companies.
  • Co-Founder of Integrity Pools (600+ accounts & 30+ employees).

Mark Baker

Mark Baker Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

I hold a Master’s degree in International Business Management and am a serial web entrepreneur. I love creative thinking. My wife and I homeschool seven wonderful children.  I am committed follower of Christ and a general big-idea guy.

Mark’s Experience

  • Co-Founder of SnapGig.com
  • Adjunct Professor at Whitworth University.
  • Co-Founder of BackerClub (built & sold for $750K after 4 years).
  • Inventor of SnapDice (Kickstarter).
  • Consultant for crowdfunding campaigns (media coverage).

Curriculum Overview

Week 1: Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur!
Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world

Week 2: Work?! That Sounds Hard!
God’s gift of work

Week 3: Thinking Out of the Box
Being an entrepreneur means thinking creatively & being an innovator

Week 4: I’m Stuck…I Need Some Business Ideas
Learning to look for opportunities in the right places

Week 5: Entrepreneurship Through the Ages
A quick look at the history of entrepreneurship

Week 6: Risk Leads to Reward
The pros and cons of entrepreneurship

Week 7: So Many Options
Comparing the different types of business you can start

Week 8: Do You Have The Right Stuff?
Looking at all the skills required to run a business

Week 9: Do I Really Need a Plan?
When is a business plan needed and an overview of the basic components 

Week 10: Business Plan- What Drives Us
Executive Summary & Mission

Week 11: Business Plan- The Company Low Down
Description and Product

Week 12: Business Plan- What We’re Up Against
Market Research & Competitors

Week 13: Business Plan- Getting Famous
Marketing Plan & Traction

Week 14: Business Plan Part 5- The Money Matters
Financials & Team

Week 15: Marketing- Eureka! Creating a Product that Sells Itself
Exploring the concept of product-market fit

Week 16: Marketing- Yikes! Advertising is Expensive!
Guerilla marketing strategies and using creativity to spread the word

Week 17: Marketing- Tell Me a Story
Good marketing tells a story

Week 18: Marketing- The Price is Right
Exploring pricing, discounts, sales & price strategies

Week 19: Marketing- Selling Like Hotcakes
Understanding consumers and why people buy

Week 20: Marketing: Adding Fuel to the Fire
Growth strategies and business expansion

Week 21: Legal- Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s
Business ownership types, licensing and taxes

Week 22: Legal- The Paperwork That Broke the Camel’s Back
Hiring employees, independent contractors general human resources information

Week 23: Legal- Doing the Right Thing
Ethics and temptations in business

Week 24: Finances- Financial Terms Crash Course
Understanding basic financial terms, profit & loss, and making financial projections

Week 25: Finances- Don’t Let the Well Run Dry
Cash flow, inventory, purchasing cycle & accounts receivable

Week 26: Finances- There’s More Than One Way to Slice a Bagel
Discussing different forms of monetization

 Week 27: Finances- Opening Curtain…Exit Stage Right
Investments & exit strategy 

Week 28: Do You Measure Up?
Using metrics to evaluate progress & success

Week 29: Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?
Considering other career options outside of entrepreneurship

Week 30: If At First You Don’t Succeed…
Perseverance & learning from failure (plus other traits successful entrepreneurs share)

Week 31: The Culture Makes the Job
Being intentional about creating a company culture you love

Week 32: Let’s Get Practical
Practical skills that will help you succeed in your business

Week 33: A Skill Worth Its Weight in Gold
The benefits of learning to code

Week 34: Making the Sale
Tips for selling & negotiating

Week 35: Business That Makes an Impact
An introduction to social entrepreneurship

Week 36: Q&A From the Students
Answering the questions YOU have asked

Learn On Any Device Courses can be taken on any device!

Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone to learn.

One video lesson is released each week. Do your work flexibly on your own schedule wherever you have internet access.

video lessons

Learn from 36 engaging video lectures covering many different topics in entrepreneurship.

business ideas

Get access to a list of 40 business ideas homeschoolers can start. See the first 10!

cash prize

$400 in prizes awarded to the students with the best business ideas in the video pitch contest.

See Price & More Details! Compare plans & learn more about how this course can help educate your children to think entrepreneurially and to cultivate a strong work ethic and a Biblical view on work...