Lesson 2: Work?! That Sounds Hard!

God’s gift of work

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Forum #1:
    Are there specific people in your life that you respect for having a really strong work ethic?  What characteristics do they have that you want to strive to imitate? Go to the forum and find the thread for Lesson 2 and share one (or more) people your respect for their work ethic and what it is about them that you’d like to try and imitate.
    After posting in the forum, consider writing a note to this person to thank them for being a great role model for you and tell them what you appreciate about their work ethic…this will be a huge encouragement to them!

Personal Reflection #1:
    You should have already answered this question during the lesson today: “How strong would you say your work ethic is on a scale of 1-10?  After you give a number, write a few sentences explaining why you chose this number.”  
    Write a list of some of the temptations you find yourself facing when it comes to not working diligently?  Please write some practical steps you feel you can take to grow in your work ethic.  

Exploring Scripture #1:
    Look through the book of Proverbs.  What other verses can you find that help you better understand God’s plan for work and the blessings that come from diligence?  Please post any verses you find in the forum so other students can see them as well.

Hands-On #1:
    In the lesson we asked you write a list of all the areas of responsibility that you have.  This is a list that includes chores, school work and any other responsibilities your parents or others have given you.  
    Now, please choose 2 areas from your list that you feel you need to grow in.  Write out what specific things you’d like to change to help grow in these areas.  Please share this list with your parents and ask them for suggestions as well and add these to your course notebook.

Additional Materials & Homework for Advanced Students

Exploring Scripture #2:
    Watch this sermon by Dr. Voddie Baucham: The Three Trees.  After watching, please write in your notebook about how this sermon helps you better understand God’s purpose for work.

Hands-On #2:
    Write out your daily schedule.  Here is a sample of a student’s daily schedule during the summer.  Just the process of writing out your schedule will help you realize opportunities to become more efficient and effective in your use of time.  Try to prioritize the most important things in your week and put them into the schedule. Consider finding ways to allow some time in your week to work on business ideas you might want to pursue.  Show this schedule to your parents and ask for their input as well. Here is a Blank Weekly Schedule that you can use to get started.

Reading #1:
    Read the following article: Persevering Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce.  We discussed perseverance in today’s lesson and a need to depend on God in our work.  Both of these character traits are very clearly displayed in Mr. Wilberforce.  If this article piques your interest there is also a biography on Mr. Wilberforce written by Pastor John Piper that is available to download for free (76 pages).